Tesla will sue for $50,000 if you try to resell your Cybertruck

Tesla will sue you for $50,000 if you try to resell your Cybertruck within its first year of purchase. 

This is according to the company’s updated terms and conditions.

The long-awaited electric vehicle is set to be released on Nov. 30.

In Tesla’s buyer’s agreement, the company added a section titled, “For Cybertruck Only,” which lays out the new rules.

“You agree that you will not sell or otherwise attempt to sell the Vehicle within the first year following your Vehicle’s delivery date,” says the agreement reviewed by Business Insider. 

“Tesla may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater. Tesla may also refuse to sell you any future vehicles,” it says. 

Should a customer have a reasonable cause to return their Cybertruck, Tesla said it may agree to buy it back minus “$0.25/mile driven, reasonable wear and tear, and the cost to repair the Vehicle to Tesla’s Used Vehicle Cosmetic and Mechanical Standards.”

In this instance, the company may also agree to let the customer sell the vehicle. 

The Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019 in a move that’s expected to disrupt the electric pickup truck industry.

Perhaps one of its most distinguishable features is what the company calls its “exoskeleton,” or an exterior shell that’s nearly impenetrable.

Tesla says its Cybertruck has the “ability to pull near infinite mass and a towing capability of over 14,000 pounds.”