UAW escalates strike as thousands more Stellantis workers walk off job

UAW escalates strike as thousands more Stellantis workers walk off job

Nearly 7,000 more slot gacor members of the United Auto Workers have joined the ongoing strike of Detroit’s big three automakers: Stellantis, Ford and General Motors. 

The UAW said on Monday that 6,800 workers who make Stellantis’ Dodge Ram 1500 are now on strike.

“We want to get an agreement done. That’s what it’s been about since day one — is getting a fair agreement for our membership,” UAW president Shawn Fain said on Monday alongside striking workers. “We don’t want to be out here on strike, but we are going to do whatever the hell we got to do to get it.”

The Ram 1500 is one of Stellantis’ best-selling vehicles. It’s made at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Michigan. 

“No bucks, no trucks,” striking workers chanted outside the facility.

UAW members have been on strike for nearly six weeks, demanding higher wages and better benefits from the Big Three.

“They made a combined $21 billion in total profits in just the first six months of this year,” the UAW said in a statement on Monday. “And yet all of them are still refusing to settle contracts that give workers a fair share of the record profits they’ve earned.”

The UAW contends that Stellantis currently has the “worst proposal” on the table of the Big Three. 

Stellantis said it was “outraged” about the expanded strike. 

“Last Thursday morning, Stellantis presented a new, improved offer to the UAW, including 23% wage increases over the life of the contract, nearly a 50% increase in our contributions to the retirement savings plan, and additional job security protections for our employees,” Stellantis said in a statement. “Following multiple conversations that appeared to be productive, we left the bargaining table expecting a counter-proposal, but have been waiting for one ever since.”

More than 40,000 UAW members have joined the strike, which covers seven plants and 38 warehouses.